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Our team’s been designing and delivering remarkable events and rewarding experiences since 1993. OK, 22 years back we’re talking a team of two, working out of a small lock-up.

Today there are 80 of us, 40 full-time event professionals plus another 40 in our extended team, operating globally from our wonderful 10,000 sq. ft. base in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Team Spirit is a successful, profitable and growing business that works with some of the biggest and best-known brands in the world, as well as tons of equally awesome, but slightly less famous ones. We’re immensely proud of that. But we don’t exist to make money.

Our purpose is to create events and experiences that deliver meaningful and measurable return on investment – by helping our clients’ people come together to become better engaged, better informed and better equipped to perform better, back in the workplace.

Since we opened for business we’ve inspired, energised and entertained hundreds of thousands of people, with thousands of unique events – from the most intimate team build to 1000+ delegate conferences, and everything imaginable in between. So we know that if an event can be imagined, Team Spirit can do it.

But it’s never just about doing it – it’s as much about how we do it, and why.


We do it with a smile. A big one. And not those ‘smile because you’re supposed to’ smiles. Oh no. We go for the smile because we absolutely love what we do type smile!


Well, the answer’s in our vision…

For everyone who ever experiences a Team Spirit event to, one day, tell their Grandchildren about it. Scrub that… make that their Great Grandchildren!

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