Nuffield Health and Wellbeing Conference 2015

A World Record Breaking Event for Nuffield Health and Wellbeing

Nuffield Health and Wellbeing
Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest
2 days
300+ delegates

Our Brief

Nuffield Health & Wellbeing challenged us with a brief to create their best ever annual conference – bringing together their nationwide team of Gym Managers and key partners to share commercial imperatives – with a landmark event that delivered key business messages in a memorable, engaging and impactful way.

There were a number of key themes which needed to be communicated to the team, all with the overarching objective of communicating the conference mantra…

‘Do the best you can. WE BELIEVE IN YOU. Be the best you can’

The Conference

All designed in our creations workshop, the conference set was bespoke designed for the event with giant 3D letters depicting the clients logo. Our expertise was also called upon to produce the conference where we filmed an unexpected stunt – a spectacular event-opener, performed by intrepid Managing Director, Dr Andrew Jones – who theatrically zip-lined onto the stage before premiering the brand’s new Nuffield TV commercial.

The Team Build – ‘The Bigger Picture’

Designed as the central team building element, designed specifically to meet these objectives. 300 delegates were divided into small teams, each tasked with painting a single canvas which would later form part of a huge montage – revealing the conference mantra in a giant 120 canvas centre piece at the Gala dinner.

The Guinness World Record

Following the Bigger Picture team build it was time for delegates to attempt a new World Record – for the most people ever to form a human image of a shield; reflecting a distinctive part of Nuffield Health’s brand identity.

Choreographed to perfection, an officially verified 318 people – created a huge Nuffield Health shield; succeeding in establishing a new World Record for Nuffield Health as well as delivering the core business messages.


“It sometimes takes a while to sink in but there is no doubt this was the best event we have put on in Wellbeing by some distance. The location was a big hit because it mixed people up, got them out of their comfort zones and spread everyone about the park. I think this really set the tone and interactions. The conference themes of joining things up, teamwork and being our best resonated right through the day – this was a big tick as it is not always easy to keep pushing the themes right through an event. Finally we got people talking, working in groups and mixing things up. I think a lot of people left realising the integration and working across the business is real and is not going to go away.”