Team Building in the Fast Lane

By Team Spirit | 2 April 2017

EXCELERATE is Team Spirit’s brand new, high-octane team building experience – designed to pit delegates against each other in a flat out race to lift the coveted Constructors’ Championship!

Following a health and safety briefing, equipped with a toolkit of craft knives, safety gloves, and more cable ties than you can shake a gear stick at… it’s off to the pit lane, dressed in racing overalls and gripping design blueprints, to commence cardboard construction.

As well as ensuring all teams’ cars are track worthy, competitors are required to brand their awesome racers in the colour and logo of their ‘sponsors’ – a creative way to highlight and thank key partners OR to create visual links to support and strengthen key business messages.

When time’s up on the construction session, teams undertake a test run on the track after which they have just a few moments for fine tuning before the final big race. Cue the F1 theme tune… and they’re off!

In turn, and against the clock, teams race to the end of the track, quickly change drivers, then return to cross the finishing line and take the chequered flag.

Creativity and slick co-operation is the key to success in this fast, furious and unforgettable challenge. The teams that put in the most outstanding performances, under pressure, will earn their rightful place on the winners’ podium!

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