Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Personal Information

Our Event Enquiry Form enquiry form requires users to give us contact information - their name, company, telephone and e-mail address. At no point will this information be disclosed to any third-party or in any way released without your express permission. In the course of a telephone conversation your contact information - your name, company, address, telephone and e-mail address will be taken. At no point will this information be disclosed to any third-party or in any way released without your express permission.

Personal Information Held by KDM Events Ltd

Team Spirit is a trading name of KDM Events Ltd.

Personal information held by KDM is limited to name, company, contact address, email address and contact phone number(s) and is stored on internal database software. This information is secure and protected and is used solely in accordance with the legitimate interests of KDM Events, namely to communicate with you in respect a business enquiry you make and to keep you up to date with news about the services we provide. At no point is any personal information disclosed, sold or exposed to any third party.

Opting Out

Individuals may opt-out of receiving future marketing e-mailings from KDM. To remove your name from our e-mail list or database, please email

Event Registration

If you are using our systems to register for attendance at an event we will store your information solely for that event as follows. We may send you an email confirming your registration and we will then pass your information to the organiser of the event for which you are registering. They may choose to use that information to send you further communications and may use the information in other ways. That is entirely a matter for the organiser. KDM Events Ltd will not use your information for any other purpose and will not pass it on to any other organisation.

Photographs and Video Footage in Marketing Material

With the client’s approval we use photographs and video content taken at our events in our marketing material in accordance with our legitimate interests. Any individual can decline to have their image used in such a way and may ask at any future time for their image be removed from any such material.

For More Information

If you have any questions or comments about this policy please contact our Data Controller at:

KDM Events Ltd
Newstead Trading Estate