Venue Finding

Why Team Spirit?

We find you awesome event venues, so you find your events awesome!

So you’re about to start planning an event? Hey, now you’re talking. But where, oh where are you going to hold it?

There’s so much to think about. So many locations. So many questions. So many variables. And so many potential headaches.

Take ceiling heights for starters. Get that wrong and you could end up banging your head against the wall, or ceiling!

Thankfully, our Venue Finding experts have years’ of experience matching the right venues to our clients’ exacting requirements; from small meetings to huge conferences, from international roadshows to award extravaganzas.

And we know thousands of venues, globally, like the back of our hands.

We’re well connected, too. Which often means preferential rates – the type of discounted packages direct enquirers simply don’t typically get offered.

And you don’t even need to book Team Spirit to deliver your event. OK, we get a soft lip if you don’t ;-(

But joking apart, if all you need is a perfect venue, with a view to taking care of everything else yourself… that’s absolutely no problem.

What’s more, our Venue Finding service won’t cost you a penny.

Because, as registered travel professionals with IATA, we get paid a modest commission from the venue, so you can be assured of the best rates while keeping your hands in your pockets for the privilege.

Seriously, what’s not to like? ;-)

Next time you need an event venue, let our team save you all the headaches, a whole lot of running around and a fair bit of money too.

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Venue Finding